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GIBEON株式会社 代表取締役 髙橋雄太


After graduating from university in 2000,joined Video Production (U-net Co.,Ltd.) in Saitama Prefecture. He is a production director of various genres such as TV commercials, corporate VPs, information programs, & documentaries. In 2003, he also has a career of appearing in the movie “The Last Samurai” starring Tom Cruise from his special skill in kendo. In 2012, he returned to his hometown of Sapporo & joined Video Production. After that, he moved to the Internet & established a video production company, GIBEON (April 2017). Taking advantage of his 20 years of experience as a production director (as of 2020), he specializes in interviews focusing on people.

GIBEON株式会社 アソシエイト・コンサルタント ジョシュア・ハミルトン



GIBEON Inc. associate consultant Joshua Hamilton
Born in Sydney (lives in Sapporo)
After working in Australia as an actor, film director, TV commercial director, and screenwriter, he came to Japan in the fall of 2010.
For two years, study hard to understand the Japanese language and culture.
While living in Australia, his main job is Stuntman (1999 Matrix), active in film and television. In addition, he has various talents such as setting up a television production company in Sydney and producing programs.
At the University of New England, he is a lecturer in the physical expression and team building classes, which is the basis of the acting called movement.
In addition to lectures on communication, SNS producer work “@hellohokkaido” and “Hokkaido Explorer”, he is a judge of TGR2018 Theater Festival, NHK world TV reporter and voice / actor trainer.

GIBEON株式会社 クリエイティブ・コンサルタント ニール・ファレリィー


作家、監督、教師、ワークショップリーダーであり、1992年からあらゆる種類のプロジェクトで芸術グループ、大学、学校で働く。2005年からISTA(International Schools Theater Association)のワークショップリーダーを務める。女性教育についての彼の最初の本「Damn it、Do It」は2017年にインドで出版され、2冊目の本「Self Made in Hokkaido」は2020年に外国人起業家について出版された。彼は妻と犬と一緒に北海道に住んでいる。ニールとジョシュアは、俳優仲間でもあり、現在彼らのコラボ企画も進行中。

GIBEON Inc. creative consultant Neil Farrelly
Neil is a writer, director, teacher and workshop leader.
He has lived in Asia since 1992 working with arts groups,
colleges and schools in all kinds of projects. Since 2005,
he has been a workshop leader for ISTA, International Schools Theatre Association.
His first book, ʻDamn it, Do It,ʼ about female education was published in 2017 in India, his second book ʻSelf Made in Hokkaido,ʼ about foreign entrepreneurs, in 2020. Numerous other are slated for the future. He lives with his wife and dog in north Japan. Neil and Joshua are also fellow actors, and their collaborative projects are ongoing.